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Introduction to Indoor Bouldering and Climbing

This introduction course is designed to get you learning all about Indoor Bouldering and Climbing and will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to climb safely. You'll try out the sticky shoes (essential for making light work of hard walls), be fitted with a Harness and literally shown the ropes. The session will get you warmed up and ready for moving onto the wall, firstly from side to side getting used to the holds. As you feel more confident you'll start heading upwards. By the end of the session you should feel more confident about your own ability and have had a fun and enjoyable session. You may want to learn more, and this is a great opportunity to book on one of the many courses being delivered at the wall.

Rock Climb Improvers

If you've done a bit of climbing and have been watching those expert climbers cruising up the wall making it all look so easy then you might benefit from a little coaching. Our Improvers course will teach you the specific movement skills and techniques required to become a better and a more efficient climber. You'll learn the importance of precise footwork, how to use a variety of different handholds, how to move more fluidly and how to tackle the different angles that may be encountered whilst climbing. Where your aspirations lie we can tailor the course to suit all ages and abilities.

Indoor Climbing for Welsh Speakers

This session is designed for those people who already speak Welsh or those wishing to improve there Welsh language whilst meeting new people and improving their overall fitness. The session aims to be delivered in the medium of Welsh but please be aware that some technical terminology may need to be translated into English for safety purposes.

Rock Climbing for Fitness Health and Wellbeing

Indoor climbing is a form of exercise which combines challenging mental activity with a thorough physical workout. Among its health and fitness benefits, indoor climbing builds and tones muscles, burns fat, develops strength, suppleness, coordination and balance, and works out the cardiovascular system.

Artificial rock climbing walls present the climber with routes to plan and problems to solve. Problem solving can exercise mind as well as body, cultivating alertness, focus, discipline and spatial awareness.

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