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The DofE is a personalised activity programme that demonstrates commitment, determination and motivation to succeed. That's why being a DofE Award holder is so valued by employers, colleges and universities alike. It's a universal programme that works with the interests and abilities of young people.

There are 3 levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold - and each level has 4 sections to complete (5 at Gold level). The sections enable young people to focus on their interests or extra curricular activities that they are already involved with. Activities will fit into the 3 of the 4 sections, Skill, Physical and Volunteering (Residential section is available at Gold level). The 4th section- Expedition section is done in 2 parts - Practice and Qualifying, the length varies from 2 days 1 night at Bronze, gradually lengthening in duration with levels.

Whatever your activity programme, Denbighshire Youth Service can support you through your DofE. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!

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