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WINNERS Exercise Referral in Denbighshire

The WINNERS Exercise Referral scheme is part of the National Exercise Referral Scheme for Wales and is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government. It is designed to help people who are inactive or who have medical problems increase their activity level. This involves a 16-week programme aimed to help you increase your mobility and become fitter. The scheme also provides a service for clients who suffer illnesses, such as heart and breathing problems and diabetes.

What Happens next?

Once your referral form is recieved an Exercise Professional will contact you to make an appointment to see you. During an informal chat, your instructor will discuss your needs and concerns in becoming more active and help you choose from a range of activities which you might wish to participate in. At this time, some basic health checks will be taken and details of your medical history.

What is the duration of the scheme?

The programme runs for 16 weeks. If you are ill or unable to attend you can agree to rejoin the scheme when you are better. As places are very limited, the instructor must be contacted and informed if a client cannot attend. If a client fails to attend for two consecutive weeks without notifying the instructor, their place will be withdrawn. If you complete the scheme you may not re-enter for two years.

How much will it cost?

Exercise sessions under this scheme are £2.00.

When do I attend?

Activity sessions will be available to you throughout the week.

What will I need to wear?

You don't have to wear any special clothes as long as you are comfortable. It is better to wear soft, flat shoes or trainers.

Do I have to be fit?

Not at all! The whole point of the scheme is to help people with different abilities and you will be advised about the level of exercise suitable for you.

When will I see results?

Exercise may make you feel better after only a couple of sessions. However, it is not a short term fix and for longer-term improvements it will take more time. By exercising regularly and at the right level, the benefits should soon show.

Can it make my illness worse?

In most cases, taking an appropriate level of exercise will make you feel better and improve your health. In some cases and conditions, exercise may aggravate a problem. This will be thoroughly accessed during the referral process.

What happens after the 16 Weeks?

Towards the end of the programme, you will be invited to a follow-up appointment to discuss your progress and long term exercise needs. All sessions on the programme are designed to fedd into other ongoing classes. This means after you finish the programme you can confidently continue exercising. Your Exercise Professional is only a telephone call away, so even after the 16 weeks you can confer with him/her on your activities.


For more information

Call the Programme Administrator – Denbighshire Exercise Referral Scheme
Alison Couch 01824 712324 alison.couch@denbighshire.gov.uk 


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