Suspend your membership

We understand in these uncertain times you may need to suspend your membership for a variety of reasons, that isn’t a problem, please use the form below to contact us and we can process the request for you.

    Membership details

    Please ensure that all details are accurate, as we will use these details to process your request.

    Suspension details

    Terms & conditions

    If you wish to suspend your membership for a short period, please be aware of the following, which are part of your membership terms and conditions.

    • We require 10 days' notice, to enable us to suspend your membership.
    • The minimum period you can suspend your membership for is 1
    • The maximum period you can suspend your membership for is 3 months.
    • This 'Membership Suspension' form must be completed.
    • Following completion of this form, your membership will be suspended from your next payment date.
    • We will arrange to suspend your payments - please do not cancel your Direct Debit at the bank.

    Please note: Your membership will automatically reactivate following your agreed suspension period. If you do not want to continue your membership please contact the Leisure Centre.

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