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    Block Booking Form

      Contact details

      Please ensure that all details are accurate, as we will use these details to contact you.

      Are you a Constituted Club?

      Booking Details

      Which centre would you like to book?:

      Please select the facilities you are interested in by selecting your chosen centre below:

      Canolfan Hamdden Huw Jones

      Denbigh Leisure Centre

      Llangollen Leisure Centre

      NOVA Prestatyn

      North Wales Bowls Centre

      Prestatyn Leisure Centre

      Rhyl Leisure Centre

      Ruthin Leisure Centre

      St. Asaph Leisure Centre

      What day are you interested in booking? (required)

      Frequency of Booking (required)
      (Please note : If there is an interval of more than two weeks between bookings then you are viable for VAT.)

      Please ensure that you have read fully the Terms and Conditions (required)

      Payment Details

      We offer two types of payment options – Weekly (at site in advance) or Monthly (by invoice in advance for Club/Organisations only)

      Cash Payment

      Cash payments incorporate debit and credit cards, cash and cheques. All cash bookings are required to be paid a week in advance at your local centre.

      Invoice Payment

      (Constituted Clubs Only) (Invoices are sent a month in advance of the booking. Club Bookings of 10 or more continual weeks are eligible for a 10% discount. To benefit from the 10% discount, please refer to the terms and conditions.

      Invoice Payment

      Please provide details of the Club Representative, who will be dealing with all the finances.


      Please fill out the form fully and accurately - should you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      Will your booking involve teaching/instructing/coaching other participants?

      Further Information

      Any other relevant information we should be made aware of in regards to your booking:

      Insurance and Risk Assessments

      If these apply to you, please provide all relevant information regarding your clubs / organisations insurance and whether or not any risk assessments are in place. If any of the above do not apply, then please answer 'N/A'.

      Risk Assessment In Place?

      Operating Procedure and Emergency Action Plan in Place?

      DBS & Qualification Checks

      DBS Certificate numbers must be provided for the booking to be processed unless all participants being coached/taught are 18 years or over, in which case please select the "Over 18's only" in the drop down menu below.

      If participants are under the age of 18, please select 'Checks Required'. Please list all persons who take an active part in the coaching, teaching and instructing of your club:

      How many coaches require DBS & Qualification checks?

      DBS Check 1

      Qualification in Place:

      DBS Check 2

      Qualification in Place:

      DBS Check 3

      Qualification in Place:

      DBS Check 4

      Qualification in Place:

      DBS Check 5

      Qualification in Place:

      DBS Check 6

      Qualification in Place:

      Confirmation of DBS Checks
      Please confirm below that the details in the previous sections are correct and that all persons carrying out activity for the club / organisation are suitably qualified and DBS checked. I also acknowledge that the club / organisation are responsible for ensuring checks are undertaken and up to date. Failure to comply with this could result in use being withdrawn.
      Confirmation of No Tutition
      Please confirm below that your booking does not provide any coaching, teaching or instructing.
      Confirmation of 18 and Over Participants
      Please confirm below that booking does not provide any coaching, teaching or instructing, and does not have any under 18s present.

      Thank you for taking the time to complete the Denbighshire Leisure Block Booking Form. Should we require any additional information, we will contact you via the details provided.

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