Block Booking – Terms and Conditions

‘the Company’ means Denbighshire Leisure Limited (DLL)

 ‘Hirer’ means any person using all or part of any of the facilities, whether by entry charge, hiring charge

‘User’ or as a spectator. In the case of a child or young  person using the facility the Hirer shall also include his or her parent or guardian. For club use the term the Hirer includes members of the Club and the  corporate body of the Club.

Leisure Operations Manager means the senior manager responsible for the facilities hired.

  1. All bookings must be made on a Block Booking Application Form, available at
  2. The fees payable in relation to this Agreement shall be in accordance with DLL’s scale of charges and shall be notified to the Hirer within the Booking Confirmation.
  3. All bookings must report to Guest Services prior to the commencement of the booking, and sign in, without exception.
  4. DLL reserves the right to cancel the booking for any reason. The Hirer shall not be entitled to any compensation for loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) as a result of such a cancellation.
  5. The Hirer must comply with the centre’s Admission Policy.
  6. The Hirer may only use the facilities included in the Booking Confirmation, and within the times specified. The facilities cannot be used for any other purpose than the purpose set out in their Booking Confirmation.
  7. The Hirer shall not assign or sub-let the benefit of the hiring agreement under any circumstances.
  8. The Hirer shall be responsible for the maintenance of good order and the behaviour of all attendees and must ensure that this includes the supervision prior to and following the booking. The Hirer shall, unless otherwise agreed, ensure that participants arrive on site no more than 15    minutes before the start of the booking and ensure that they have left the  premises in an orderly manner, no later than 15 minutes after the end of the booking.
  9. Bookings in Sports Halls are 55 minutes only, to allow for the setting up and removal of equipment, prior to the next session.
    1. If required DLL, the Hirer shall before the date of the booking, effect insurance cover in the joint names  of DLL and the Hirer against the Hirer’s liability for any amount to be prescribed DLL, and produce evidence of that cover.
  10. DLL reserves the right of entry to the venue, the right to remove any disorderly person(s) or any article that may cause damage or danger.
  11. Any complaint by the Hirer regarding the use of the venue or the arrangements, must be made in writing to the Leisure Operations Manager within 24 hours of the event giving grounds for the complaint.
  12. DLL reserves the right to refuse any application for hiring without assigning a reason; to attach additional conditions to any particular hiring and to vary the scale of charges in the case of any particular hiring.
  13. There is always a qualified First Aider on our premises. If your booking is an organised event however, (e.g. Sports Tournament), the Hirer must provide their own qualified ‘First Aider’ for the total duration of your event. All First Aid incidents must be reported to a member of staff and recorded in the accident book located at the Leisure Centre Guest Services.
  14. DLL will notify the Hirer with as much notice as possible should the facilities be unavailable or unsuitable for use on any given date. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure DLL are provided with the correct contact information for the booking.
  15. All bookings are responsible for clearing their own litter. Rubbish must be placed in the bins provided and somebody must be appointed to check the courts and viewing areas are free from rubbish on completion of booking.
  16. DLL cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.
  17. Spectators are not permitted to go on to the sports facilities, or behave in any way that may be disruptive or detrimental to the safety and enjoyment of other patrons.
  18. Fire exits are for emergency use only. In the event of a fire DLL will assume responsibility until the Fire & Rescue Service arrive.
  19. The Hirer must be aware of the total number of participants and be able to do a head count in the event of an emergency.
  20. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all instructors and coaches are appropriately qualified and that instructors and coaches working with under 18’s have undergone an enhanced DBS check.
  21. The Hirer must complete a DLL Safeguarding Form, confirming that all their safeguarding responsibilities have been met.
  22. DLL will periodically undertake a full audit of qualifications, DBS and safeguarding documentation. Failure to produce the required documentation within two weeks, could result in use of facilities being withdrawn.
  23. The Hirer must hold public liability insurance and undertake Risk assessments for all activities they are undertaking, and make these available for inspection by DLL on request.
  24. 10% Club Booking Discount. i) The 10% Booking discount will apply where:-
    1. The series consists of 10 or more sessions.
    2. Each session is for the same sport or activity.
    3. Invoices are paid monthly.
    4. Each session is in the same place, although a different pitch, court or lane, or different number of pitches, courts or lanes is acceptable.
    5. The interval between each session is at least 1 day but not more than 14 days. The duration of the sessions may be varied, however there is no exception for intervals greater than 14 days through the closure of the facility for any reason.
    6. The series is to be paid for as a whole and there is written evidence to the fact. This must include evidence that payment is to be made in full whether or not the right to use the facility for any specific session is actually exercised. Provision for a refund given by the provider in the event of the unforeseen non-availability of their facility would not affect this condition.
    7. The facilities are let out to a school, club, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituent associations, such as a local league.
    8. The person to whom the facilities are let has exclusive use of them during the sessions.
    9. Whereby the 10% discount is levied by the Hirer, they will not be eligible to invoke clause 35 and apply a cancellation to the booking.
  25.  Payment Terms – Monthly Payments 
    1. If you are a club/organisation, you have the option to be invoiced monthly. Invoices can be paid at site, or via BACS (Bank Transfer), but invoices must be paid 28 days in advance of the booking, or prior to your booking starting, whichever falls first.
    2. If payment for your booking becomes 30 days overdue, you will be given 7 days to make payment. If payment is not received your future bookings will be suspended.
    3. If payment for your booking becomes 60 days overdue, you will be given 7 days to make payment. If payment is not received your future bookings will be cancelled. If your bookings are cancelled, at this point we will refer the matter to our solicitors for resolution. You may incur further charges as a result of this process.
    4. Denbighshire Leisure Ltd reserve the right to charge interest on late payments.
    5. Any club/organisation who do not pay within the specified terms will be liable for legal costs as a result of the debt being pursued.
    6. If you are a constituted club, business, charity or organisation, the liability for payment rests with the organisation – rather than the individual placing the booking. If you are an individual placing the booking, the liability will rest with you as the individual.
    7. DLL reserves the right to refuse bookings or demand advance payment terms from Clubs with outstanding debts or poor payment history.
  26. Payment Terms – Weekly Payments
    1. Subject to DLL approval, your block booking may be set up on weekly payment terms.
    2. If this is the case, you will be required to pay for all bookings 7 days in advance of the booking.
    3. If payment is not received 7 days in advance, your booking will be cancelled.
  27. Payment terms – single bookings

    1. Single use bookings need to be paid for in full in advance, before the date of the booking.
  1.  Cancellations
    1. Written notification is required at least 7 days prior should you need to cancel the whole, or part of, your booking.
    2. If you have secured the 10% club booking discount and not honoured your minimum 10 week booking, you will be liable for full payment of sessions not honoured.
    3. If you wish to cancel a specific date, then we will require a minimum of 7 days’ written notice (via a form or e-mail), or you will still be charged, as per these terms and conditions
    4. In the event of a booking being cancelled by the Hirer, at least 7 days’ written notice must be given via email or on a Block Booking Cancellation Form, which can be obtained from the Leisure Centre Guest Services. The Hirer must provide the full name of the booking, the dates and times to be cancelled. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Where this notice is not given, the whole of the hire charge will be levied.
    5. A maximum of 3 bookings can be cancelled during the period of the block booking agreement, otherwise the DLL has the right to cancel the whole Block Booking.
  1. In the event of a breach of any of these conditions by the Hirer or any of their employees, or agents, DLL reserves the right to cancel the hiring forthwith by notice in writing given to  the Hirer or his representative, and in doing so the Centre will not be liable  to refund any portion of the hiring fee or be liable to the Hirer or to any third party for compensation.
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