Leisure Admissions Policy

The following policy operates for your safety and enjoyment in our leisure facilities. The Policy is based on national guidance ensuring best practice, whilst also adhering to Health and Safety requirements and legislation.

Our aim is to ensure customer safety and enjoyment whilst visiting our leisure facilities. To do this we require you to respect our policy, staff, other customers and our building.

General Admissions Policy

  • All visitors should report to Guest Services on arrival.
  • During your visit please listen to and follow staff instructions.
  • Any accidents or incidents must be reported to a member of staff immediately.
  • Any defects to the building or equipment and spillages on the floor must be reported.
  • Wherever possible children over 8 years should be encouraged to change in their own sex changing rooms.
  • A valid leisure card must be shown to qualify for leisure card discounts.
  • Any persons whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate by centre management will be removed from the facility. Any incidents of this nature should be reported to centre management immediately. Serious incidents will be reported to the police or safeguarding team.
  • Serious breaches of rules may result in the termination of your membership or access rights.
  • Customers who have any reservations as to their physical condition are advised to have a medical check-up prior to commencing physical activity.
  • Persons who appear to be under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed to enter the water/take part in activities.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of our facilities or at entrance/exits, including E cigarettes/Vaping.
  • Alcoholic beverages/drugs or other illegal substances are not to be brought into facility without prior approval from DLL management.
  • The facilities must not be used for coaching/instructing/Personal Training (whether paid or unpaid) without prior approval from DLL management.
  • Dogs are welcome at SC2, Beach Hut, 1891 Terrace and Café R.
  • Only assistance dogs are permitted into the leisure facilities.
  • DLL accepts no liability for the safety of personal property brought into the facility.
  • Property stored in lockers provided by the centre are stored at the owner’s risk and no liability for loss or damage will be accepted.
  • Valuable lost property found on premises will be logged for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Cars parked in the car parks or elsewhere on the premises and all the contents in them are left at the owners’ risk and DLL accepts no liability for loss or damage.
  • DLL accepts no liability for any accident to any customer that may occur on its premises, other than liability arising from any negligence from DLL, its staff or its agents.

Swimming Pool Admissions Policy

Bather Ratios:

  • Children aged under 3 years: 1 Adult : 1 Child with or without approved flotation aids Or 1 Adult : 2 Children both with approved flotation aids
  • Children aged 3-7 years: 1 Adult : 2 Children** with or without approved flotation aids
  • Child aged under 3 with child aged 3-7 years: 1 Adult : 2 Children with or without approved flotation aids, it is advisable however, that the under 3 is in approved flotation aids

“Approved floatation aids” are those such as arm bands, a floatation vest or a strap-in seat, that meet BSEN 13138 standard

Supervising adults of Under 8s must be at least 16 years of age and must accompany the children at all times both in the water and the changing rooms

  • Normal swimwear must be worn at all times i.e. no jeans, t-shirts or below the knee shorts to be worn. If you have medical, religious or personal reasons for wanting to wear alternative, loose fitting clothing, please speak to a member of our team, who will check that what you are wearing is safe and suitable for swimming in.
  • Masks, flippers and snorkels are not allowed into the pool during public sessions.
  • Children over 8 should change in their designated male / female changing area as appropriate.
  • In the interests of hygiene and to improve water quality, we request that all customers shower prior to entering the pool.
  • Do not enter if you are feeling unwell or have recently suffered from sickness or diarrhoea.
  • All swimmers who wear nappies or protective underwear should wear Swim Nappies underneath their swim suit or a special purpose swimming costume. Swim Nappies for babies and infants can be purchased at reception
  • It is recommended all babies attending swimming pools for the first time have received their first set of injections and are always subject to health visitor’s guidance.
  • Please inform the lifeguard if you have any illness or disability that may affect your ability to swim during your visit.
  • We require prior notice of any group or organisation bringing more than fifteen swimmers at any one time.
  • Swimmers may be subject to a band admission system to ensure correct bather loads at busy periods
  • No breakable cups/bottles are permitted on poolside.
  • Follow all pool safety signs.
  • Do not distract lifeguards.
  • The Centre management reserves the right to refuse admission, or expel persons if their condition or conduct may cause a risk to the safety and enjoyment of others.

Lane etiquette

  • Choose the right lane – Before you enter the pool, look at the pace of the swimmers in each lane and choose the one that will suit you best.
  • Wait your turn – Give other swimmers the chance to turn and push off before you enter the lane. Dangle your legs in first to let others know you’re there. If the lane is clear, you’re okay to get in.
  • Switch lanes if the pace isn’t right – If swimmers are swimming faster or slower than you, be willing to switch to a more suitable lane.
  • Be respectful of space – The beauty of public lane swimming is the varying skill levels of swimmers. Always be respectful of others’ abilities and allow plenty of personal space.
  • Leave room when pushing off – Don’t push off right behind another swimmer. Give them a good 5-10 seconds of space first. Likewise, don’t push off directly in front of a faster swimmer.
  • Go with the flow – Always follow the direction of the signage. It’s a bit like the rules of the road: swim on one side going down the lane and the other side coming back. This is to prevent collisions and injuries.
  • Give way – Rest in the corner of the lane when taking a break so that other swimmers can turn and push off.
  • Overtaking – If a swimmer wishes to overtake, let them do so. If the lane is too busy to allow someone to pass, let them overtake when you reach the end of the pool.
  • Proceed with caution – Always overtake with caution. Take care to avoid collisions. Never try to swim over another swimmer.
  • Equipment – The use of hand paddles, fins and snorkels are not permitted in our public lanes sessions for safety and to prevent injuries. Floats and pull buoys are fine.

Learn to Swim

  • Ensure you are ready for your lesson 2 minutes before the lesson start time.
  • Tie long hair back.
  • Await your Swimming Instructor’s instructions before entering the water.
  • If you are under 8 you are not allowed entry into the pool before or after your class without adult supervision as per swimming admissions policy.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the centre if any participants suffer from health problems that may affect the swimming lesson. Where appropriate, a Risk Assessment may be undertaken. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure any appropriate medication is available at all times for the Participants.
  • Children under the age of 5 shall be supervised by a parent or guardian for the duration of the swimming lesson.
  • Parents or Guardians of children under the age of 8 must remain on site for the duration of the swimming lesson.
  • Please note that up to 5 minutes of the lesson time is required for the Swimming  Instructor to take the register and update pupil progress on the parent portal.

Fitness Suite Admission Policy

  • Our Fitness Instructors are there to support you and help you train safely, please follow their guidance at all times.
  • Ask a staff member for assistance before performing an unfamiliar exercise.
  • We ask all members and guests to behave respectfully towards other customers.  Denbighshire Leisure Ltd does not tolerate disruptive behaviour, and we have a process in place to address any behaviour deemed to be having a negative effect on other customers. 
  • Please do not misuse, move or alter any portion of the fitness equipment or environment. Report any misuse of equipment to our staff.
  • Please wipe down all equipment and accessories thoroughly after use with the wipes provided.
  • Please replace weights and attachments after use.
  • Report any broken equipment or spillages to a member of staff immediately.
  • You must contact an instructor if at any time you feel faint or unwell.  You must also tell the team should you have an accident or develop a medical condition likely to affect your training programme.
  • Please report any equipment issues immediately to a member of staff.  Do not attempt to rectify any issues yourself under any circumstances.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear (trainers) and exercise/fitness clothing (no jeans, no school uniform) at all times when working out.
  • All loose jewellery should be removed before exercising.
  • Appropriate mobile phone use on the gym floor is appreciated.
  • With the exception of bottled water, no food or drinks are permitted in the gym.
  • Please store bags and coats in the lockers or on designated storage racks (where available).
  • No spectators are permitted in the gym.

Group Exercise Admission Policy

  • Access by booking only. Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance by members, and 4 days in advance by non-members.
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn.
  • If you arrive late for a pre-booked class, please be aware that you may be refused entry.
  • If you are unable to attend a pre-booked class, please cancel your booking online or contact the relevant site before the class is due to start so your place can be re-issued.
  • Failure to turn up to a pre booked class may result in your booking privileges being removed.
  • If the studio equipment has been set up prior to users entering the studio please do not rearrange any equipment.
  • Bikes and studio space cannot be reserved for friends and family by leaving a towel or anything else to mark that bike or studio space as unavailable.
  • The instructor may ask you to leave a class if you are behaving inappropriately.
  • Leave the studio promptly after the class to ensure the next class can start on time.
  • Only individuals participating in fitness classes are permitted in the studio.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary for the Centre to change or even cancel a class at short notice. However, we will always endeavour to provide as much notice as possible.
  • Always respect others personal space and use appropriate language and behaviours.

Disabled access

  • Carers who are required to physically assist and support a service user are not charged admission but are required to be logged at Guest Services.
  • The carer must stay with user at all times throughout visit.
  • A range of equipment is available to support people with a range of disabilities to change and access the swimming pool.
  • Where pool hoists are provided, please advise a member of our team prior to your arrival.
  • Poolside hoists must only be operated by our trained staff.

Photography & Video

  • No photography (including selfies) is permitted in any changing areas, toilets, or where the subject(s) have not given their full and informed consent
  • No commercial photography is permitted without prior written approval from DLL.
  • Should you be required to access CCTV footage, A subject access request form must be submitted to leisure@denbighshireleisure.co.uk
  • DLL reserves the right to use any individual or group photographs or video for press or promotional purposes. Where possible we will ask you to sign a use of image form.

Activity areas

  • Do not enter the Activity Area (e.g. Court, Hall, gymnasium) until the previous booking has left.
  • Please allow up to 5 minutes at the start of your booking to enable the previous booking to vacate the area and equipment to be set up.
  • Please do not climb any fencing. If the area is locked, please contact Guest Services.
  • If you need to cancel your booking, please do so with as much notice as possible in order for the Centre to provide other customers a chance to book the court/sports hall. Customers will be eligible for a full refund if 24 hours’ notice is provided.
  • The lead booking name must report to Guest Services prior to booking.
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn within the activity areas of the centre. Non marking footwear must be worn in the sports hall.
  • Only indoor footballs can be used in designated Sports Halls
  • Only closed container drinks bottles are allowed in Activity areas.
  • Observe any court lines and walk around activity, leaving safe distance.
  • No food or chewing gum allowed in Activity areas.
  • All spillages must be reported to staff immediately.
  • DLL reserve the right to pre-book courts for events and maintenance.
  • Only individuals participating in sports hall activities are permitted in the area.


Transgender policy

  • Trans people are entitled to use single sex facilities in accordance with their correct gender. For non-binary people, this might mean using gender-neutral or accessible facilities or using a combination of different facilities.
  • Trans people may be asked to use alternative gender-neutral facilities in order to:
  • Protect a person’s dignity.
  • To enable privacy or decency.
  • To prevent trauma.
  • Ensure health and safety and/or safeguarding needs are met.
  • Any alternative arrangements will be proportionate based on an objective assessment of risks.
  • Where ‘women/men only’ spaces exist within the Company, these are open to all who self-define as women/men, including trans women/men.

DLL reserves the power without prior notice at any time to alter or amend the whole or any part of these Conditions.


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