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Take your workout up a gear with DLL Club Cycle

Immerse yourself in the Club Cycle Experience, 4 venues, multiple classes, driven instructor team and classes created for all levels. With industry leading bikes and connected technology Club Cycle is geared towards helping you achieve your best results.

Your instructors

Our dedicated team will guide you on your Club Cycle journey – whether you’re looking to build your stamina, increase your fitness, lose calories or enjoy a social, there’s something for everyone!

Hannah Blandford

“My love of the gym started just over a decade ago, and since then I’ve learnt that strength training is so good for my mental health, my body and keeping me toned and happy. I enjoy group cycle its part of my fitness routine and helping me burn off those calories.”

“I instruct classes as it gives me a sense of achievement helping and supporting others with their goals. I am a trained teacher and therefore I feel I can support others in different ways, I have a skill set that can be transferable in anything I do. I offer alternatives in my classes and always plan to make sure that they are inclusive.”

Jade Foxx

“I started my career in fitness around 10 years ago when I first qualified as a Group Cycle instructor, since then I have broadened my knowledge & have undertaken further training to enable me to deliver a wider range of classes from cardio to strength.  For me, it is very important that my classes are accessible for everyone, no matter their fitness level or abilities.”

“Exercise is amazing for both physical & mental health & it’s extremely rewarding to be able to provide a service within the gym that can be so beneficial to an individual in so many ways.”

Matt Bird

“I have always enjoyed sports and exercise, from competing in swimming, rugby & even badminton. Throughout the years it has become abundantly clear why people fall out of love with fitness: enjoyment. Due to this I prefer to push people with positive energy and won’t single people out for not trying as ‘hard’, which is different for everyone. After all, progress isn’t made in one hard session, it’s made over weeks, months and years of consistent, challenging and fun training.”

Shaun Hughes

” I have years of experience within the fitness industry from working as a Gym instructor to working within Denbighshire Leisure’s Exercise Referral team.”

“I am a very competitive runner and love nothing more than challenging myself. I instruct classes that focus on getting the most out of your performance and I use my background as an athlete to really drive the class.”

Lee Bridge

“My passion for fitness stems from an early age, I just love being active whether its’ through sport, the gym or on outdoor pursuits.

My philosophy is to turn up and give it everything, even if it’s a short blast, it will make a huge difference. Never forget how good you feel after you’ve finished your workout!”

Laura Cox

“After having my son Draco and gaining nearly 4 stone during and after birth I knew something had to change. That’s when I found my passion for exercise, anything high intensity and fast paced I love. I then started weight training and was competing in the bodybuilding competition “Pure Elite” and then covid hit. I used this as an opportunity to study and train to become a Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer. Now I have found my passion. This is what I love doing and hope to continue helping people for the foreseeable.”

Simon Noon

“I have been in the Fitness industry for 24 years and have filled a wide variety of roles from Fitness Instructor to Gym Manager. I am currently the GP referral Instructor at Rhyl Leisure Centre. To make a difference you need to give 100% of whatever energy levels you have on that particular day. That is what I endeavour to help you produce in each class. Consistency of effort – balance your life: work, rest and play is the key to a healthy lifestyle.”

Why join Club Cycle?

Great for Calorie Burning

Our Group Cycling classes are a superb way to burn calories. They will help you to lose weight and keep fit in a fun environment. Most people will, if they are working correctly, burn around 400 to 600 calories for every 45-minute session, helping you reach your fitness targets.

Building Muscle Tone

As well as burning off unwanted calories, Group Cycling is a brilliant way to tone and strengthen the muscles in your legs and lower body. You can choose to either build strength, tone the muscles, or do both, depending on the amount of resistance you’re working against on the bike and you can change this throughout the session.

Ideal for Stress Relief

It’s common knowledge that exercise is a great way to reduce stress and depression, thanks to the rush of endorphins everyone experiences during and after their workouts. Add in to this the fact that, with group cycling classes, you’ve always got an instructor on hand to help keep you positive and motivated.

Low Impact, Less Risk of Injury

Compared to running, Group Cycling puts far less impact through your joints, especially your knees, ankles and hips. This means you can go further and harder without the risk of hurting yourself, helping you get fitter more quickly. Additionally, being based indoors on a stable platform, giving more stability.

Keeps you Motivated

Our highly-trained and experienced Group Cycling instructors are on hand to help ensure you get the most out of your session. They will help make sure you stay upbeat, motivated and are carrying out the exercise in a safe way. We also run virtual classes.

Go at your own Pace

One of the key benefits to group cycling is that you can go as hard as you like. Too many new cyclists try to keep up with far more experienced members of the class at their first attempt. If it gets too much reduce your resistance and slow your leg speed down.

Train all Year Round

If you’re a keen cyclist, but occasionally can’t quite face the wind, rain and general unpleasantness that the British winter brings with it, then a Group Cycling session is the perfect replacement. You get the same workout without being afraid of getting soaked!

Improve Fitness & Stamina

Group Cycling, as well as being a great way to burn calories and build muscle strength and tone, is also absolutely ideal for building cardio fitness and stamina. You don’t have to be a cyclist to feel the benefits, either. 

Club Cycle kit & bike specs

The Group Cycle Connect bike features high power accuracy, on-the-fly adjustments, more resistance to sweat and iconic Technogym styling. All of this is packed into a compact product that comes in two color versions and fits easily into any space.

Group Cycle Connect

Group Cycle Connect is the indoor cycling bike that allows users to track training data and consequently monitor and improve their performances. The real-time data updates enables users to set new workout parameters every time according to personal individual performances. Much more than just a magnetic resistance exercise bike, this indoor bike combines latest-generation connectivity with cycling analytics and data and is extremely easy to use, offering a multi-sensory experience.

A console destined to improve results

The Technogym connected indoor cycling bike is provided with a self-powering console. Powered by the user’s motion, users can sign into the Console via Qr Code, Bluetooth Smart or NFC technology.  Its LCD display is LED-backlit in order to guarantee extra visibility in darker environments. Furthermore the touch screen makes changing elements easier and immediately without interrupting the flow of exercise. Cadence (rpm), power output (n Watt with +/-2% accuracy), %Power (FTP%), Kilocalories consumption and speed are just some of the trackable data available thanks to the Wi-fi console. In particular, the heart rate reading from a heart rate chest strap guarantees a safer and more efficient workout. To practice an indoor training workout at professional standard the threshold power test is recommended. Users can assess their threshold power and heart rate by tracking and saving data in two ways: submaximal and maximal effort.

Professional performances

Whether you want to burn calories, prepare for a cycling race or stay in shape, Group Cycle Ride represents a complete and realistic indoor cycling experience to help you reach your goal. Resistance is adjustable up to 20 levels with simple tactile clicks every 45°. The Q factor is 155mm (6.1”) which is the space between pedals mirrors that of outdoor road bikes. As a result, it ensures a proper posture and an uncompromising performance whilst cycling. The flywheel resistance system measuring consists of rare earth neodymium that provide the strongest type of permanent magnets available. Finally, the Poly V-belt drive system provides cyclists with a smooth, quiet and realistic road feel.

On the fly settings

Easy and quick changes, means you never have to skip a beat. Get the perfect fit for your perfect ride.

Self Powered and Connected

All our bikes are self-powered and connected via the My Wellness App. This allows YOU to track your workouts, your performance and your results.

Sport – Specific design

The bikes are built for the high demands of your workout, used across the globe by elite sports teams

Universal fit handlebar

Four different handlebar positions offer the ergonomic solution for every type of ride.

Club Cycle Membership

We have created a membership for dedicated followers of Indoor Cycling. The membership is specific to Denbighshire Leisure and the Club Cycle sites. The membership allows you to access unlimited classes across the 4 sites and follow your favourite instructors. 

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