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Denbighshire Leisure Ltd. is a new company, built from a history of high performance and innovative practice.  Over recent years, as a service within Denbighshire County Council, we have built lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with a number of partner organisations.  We are looking forward to the continued success of these established partnerships, whilst also developing new and exciting ventures.  Within all of our relationships, we are committed to acting with integrity, transparency and courtesy.
The obvious desire for betterment that has been sustained and developed over the last 10 years, shows no sign of abating – the service ambition is simply to be the best.

Our portfolio

We manage over forty venues across our neighbourhood areas, including:

Leisure centres: Llangollen Leisure, Canolfan Hamdden Huw Jones Corwen, Ruthin Leisure, Denbigh Leisure, St Asaph Leisure, Rhyl Leisure, Prestatyn Leisure and NOVA Prestatyn

Attractions: SC2, Ninja TAG, NOVA Prestatyn, Rhyl Pavilion and 1891.

Arts & Cultural: Ruthin Craft Centre

Events venues & Community Halls: Events Arena, Llangollen Pavilion, Rhyl Town Hall

Sports & Arts Development

Any team that is able to secure the strength of backing for SC2 Rhyl that you achieved is clearly doing something very right.

Paul Cluett
Managing Director – Alliance Leisure

Our mission

Maintaining high levels of health and wellbeing within Denbighshire is our number one priority, and to this end Denbighshire Leisure work tirelessly to provide high-quality and innovative leisure facilities. With a host of exciting activities around the county suitable for all members of the community, we are truly bringing Denbighshire together.

Our mission and aims as a company are focused on providing high quality, accessible leisure opportunities which attract high levels of participation, and improve the wellbeing of Denbighshire’s residents and visitors. We operate a continuous programme of re-investment into each of these sites to ensure that we are offering the best experience for the customer.  

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The local economy

Through our diverse range of leisure facilities, Denbighshire Leisure are proud to make a significant contribution to the local economy.  We also co-ordinate and support a number of popular events, including the award winning Rhyl Airshow, all of which bring increased footfall and spend to the county.  As a company we will continue to work with partners and stakeholders to develop and improve the tourism offer within Denbighshire. 

The UK Leisure Framework

Working with Alliance Leisure Ltd, we have created the UK Leisure Framework, which offers business solutions for major leisure projects including the design, refurbishment, construction and development of leisure centres, theatres, play facilities, recreation facilities and sports facilities across the UK public sector. 

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You have created a particularly good hybrid in Denbighshire, which captures the good social objectives of what municipal provision should be about, whilst delivering it in a way that is not very different to the approach taken by the private sector in terms of commerciality.  This is not easily achieved and frankly, I do not see it often in either my day to day job, through my networks or in connection with my association with CIMSPA. I think that I would characterise what you do as measured entrepreneurship! This means that you are prepared to take calculated risks in pursuit of service improvement, and from what I have seen, it has been a success.
Paul Cluett
Paul Cluett
Managing Director – Alliance Leisure
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