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Within the wider Denbighshire area, our teams work with a network of smaller communities consisting of customers, sports clubs, local groups and residents.  We place these communities at the heart of everything we do.    

Our customers

When visiting us or dealing with our staff, we want everyone to have the best possible experience, and excellent customer service is one of our highest priorities.  We actively engage with our customers through a variety of channels, sharing our enthusiasm and passion for everything we do.  We welcome customer comments, whether they come informally over social media, or from responses to surveys and questionnaires.  Wherever possible we take this feedback on board, and use the information to design or improve the services we deliver.  

Active Communities

Our Active Communities team plays a key role in promoting participation in activities to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.  This includes supporting local sports clubs and teams, coordinating community arts projects and working with our primary and high schools to promote sport and physical activity.   

active communities

“Staff I encountered were engaging and friendly, the gym area was spotlessly clean and general circulation areas were maintained to a high standard. For many people using the services, they will enjoy a level of service that is more usually experienced in the private club sector”.

Paul Cluett
Paul Cluett
Managing Director – Alliance Leisure
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