World renowned nutritionist and Ted Talk speaker, presents nutrition seminar at 1891 at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre.

DLL was proud to welcome highly respected nutritionist, Dr Colin Robertson to 1891 restaurant this week to bust myths on nutrition and fitness goals.

The talk at 1891 at the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre centred around the role of nutrition in achieving your health & fitness goals, weight loss, strength and muscle gains, family health. He also covered processed and ultra-processed foods, how the food industry have engineered a shift in poor nutritional habits since the 1950’s; the part nutrition plays in female health, in particular hormone health; unlocking the fact behind the fiction when it comes to nutrition and myth-busting common nutrition facts.

Dr Colin Robertson is a renowned and prominent Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Strength &Conditioning Coach, Nutritionist, Clinical Researcher, with a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with elite teams and individuals across the Globe.  Colin featured in his very own Ted Talk, The Eternal Suffering of the Endurance Mind in 2016.

Colin said: “Nutrition plays a big part in our overall physical and mental health and wellbeing, and this talk will no doubt provide valuable insight to help you be at your best. I’ve not been to Rhyl for a long time and I pulled up outside Rhyl Pavilion and I was blown away, it’s an incredible, state of the art venue with a sumptuous view of the North Wales Coast! I’m so pleased to be speaking here with DLL members and customers, it’s fantastic to see so many people interested in being the best version of themselves!”

Colin’s particular passion is extreme sports and in particular ultra-distance events. Colin has supported and coached athletes from several disciplines, from premiership football, rugby, professional cycling, martial arts, Everest expeditions and Marathon des Sables, to name a few.

Jamie Groves, said: “We were thrilled to welcome Colin to Rhyl, having a world- renowned speaker at 1891 at the Rhyl Pavilion is an honour for us all at DLL. This is yet another in our star studded line up of first class acts this year at Rhyl Pavilion. DLL is fast becoming the operator of choice for a number of A-list experts, with the sophistication and relaxed atmosphere at 1891 being the perfect venue for conferences, business events and corporate functions.”

As the final stage of DLL’s bootcamp Extreme, part of the new DLL talks series, the seminar was opened up to the public, including DLL members at a discounted rate.

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