Denbighshire Leisure Ltd (DLL) is bringing the first Future Studios immersive fitness experience to Wales as part of its ongoing investment in health and fitness facilities.

The new ‘Studio 360’ at Club Rhyl will be the only immersive fitness space of its kind in the country when it opens this month.

Delivered via the UK Leisure Framework, which is managed by DLL and Alliance Leisure, the innovative health and wellness space will offer immersive, all-inclusive experiences to engage and inspire existing group exercise participants and attract new audiences.

DLL has worked with creative agency Flareform to repurpose an existing exercise studio at Club Rhyl in Denbighshire to produce a one-of-a-kind exercise environment that uses 360o degree projection onto all walls of the room to create seamless animated scenes that transform with each class.

The technology allows the operator to create unique settings tailored to specific workouts complete with soundscapes and visuals that react to sound. For example, DLL can run mindfulness sessions in woodlands and yoga on mountain tops, or Zumba around dancing flames on a beach and HIIT classes in a nightclub.

The investment will not only enhance the health and fitness offer at Club Rhyl, but will allow DLL to provide experiences that appeal to people of all ages and demographics to help encourage more members of the community to take part in exercise.

Jamie Groves, Managing Director of DLL, said: “Our aim is to deliver one of the most innovative and exciting fitness clubs in Wales. Using the Future Studios technology, we can create any immersive environment that people want to exercise in. It means users can enjoy a different experience every time they visit a class, our instructors can deliver even more engaging workouts and we can offer something for everyone. As the first immersive group exercise experience of its kind in Wales, Studio 360 will take the DLL class programme to another level.”

Joe Robinson, co-founder of Future Studios and creative director at Flareform, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with DLL as we embark on this journey to deliver brand new experiences for the members. From the very first interaction, it’s been evident that we are working with a client who shares our passion for innovation and excellence. Their enthusiasm for this project is infectious and inspiring, and it aligns perfectly with our creative vision for the product. We genuinely feel privileged to be a part of this partnership and can’t wait to see the incredible results we will achieve together.”