Denbighshire Leisure Ltd has launched its new company website, which will give the customers a better experience and showcase the breadth of the company’s portfolio.

The new site provides easy navigation links to all areas of the business, including attractions such as SC2 and Ninja TAG and restaurants including 1891 Rhyl and Beach Hut Nova. As well as this, it incorporates two microsites; one for the company’s Active Communities portfolio and another for the 8 Denbighshire leisure centres.

Customers can now access this new website to book activities, check out the latest online timetables and browse online menus using the latest technology such as interactive maps and video walkthroughs of each attraction, eatery and leisure centre.

Designed for mobile as well as larger devices, the website enables users to access the information they need very easily by limiting the amount of clicks required, thereby ensuring the best possible customer experience. The website, with a new modern look and feel, better reflects the company’s brand and secures the company’s place amongst the best operators in the Leisure sector.

Jamie Groves, Managing Director, explained: “During the period of lockdown, the team has worked tirelessly on projects designed to deliver a number of new digital platforms and offers for customers, including our new website”.  

“This new website gives our customers  a much better experience; it rivals some of the best in the sector and represents the company’s dynamic image. This site is just the start of all the exciting things to come for Denbighshire Leisure Ltd.”

Visit to experience the website for yourself.